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Agrimec has been standing by farmers since 1936. We grew up with them, starting from the first cabrioles, agricultural equipment and manure spreaders. Later on, we integrated the production with tipping trailers and slurry spreaders built after the 40s of the XX century

He company went hand in hand the Italian economic boom and Agrimec quickly became a structured company where research and development always led to quality and long-lasting lifespan.

Nowadays, the old values are unchanged: affinity to farmers, respect for work, attention to product details, assistance all year round. Thanks to all this, Agrimec is on the way to its first working century. A goal that isn’t to achieve, for the most important things are passion and willpower in order to be successful in work and life, allowing to improve day by day.

That is even better if performed in harmony with the surrounding territory and everyday attentions to find the right balance between company needs, collaborators, customers and suppliers.

This is the meaning of being entrepreneurs building something conceived to last. That’s the only way Crosetto can think about Agrimec.

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Why choose Crosetto trailers?

Crosetto trailers are known for their high build quality.

Specific solutions that see the use of high-strength steels, tipper bodies with sections for severe uses, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic suspensions, approvals according to the new Mother Regulation. The Crosetto family has always been focused on quality research and listening to the end customer, meeting the most specific needs. This allows each vehicle to be customized according to the requests to solve any type of application problem.


Mother regulation

Single European Approval for agricultural tractors, trailers and towed equipment

On 2 March 2014, EU Regulation 167/2013, also known as Mother Regulation, was published in the European Official Journal. With the publication, the regulation has become a law that collects all the European norms concerning the approval of tractors, trailers and towed equipment. The fundamental objective is the simplification and unification of all procedures regarding the approval of agro-forestry vehicles to guarantee their functional safety and make more competitive the European mechanical-agricultural companies. The new legislation is the result of a dialogue with all the actors involved and is, in its very nature of Regulation, directly applicable in all EU Member States without the need for transposition. It is mandatory to apply to agricultural tractors replacing the Framework Directive 2003/37/EC while it is optional for agricultural vehicles such as trailers and agricultural equipment. This will have the possibility of being homologated in according to the Mother Regulation or according to national standards. In the latter case the approval will be valid only in the issuing Member State. In the event that the approval is according to the Mother Regulation it will be valid in all the States of the Union.

Other brands

To be manufacturers committed every day in the marketing of our products allows us to have a vision of the market near to our customers. For this reason we decided to integrate our offer with brands that had our same goals: quality, performance, reliability and durability.

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Crosetto trailers are products in which quality, customer listening, personalization and strength are the synthesis of a way of thinking about agriculture. We want to pass on the passion for our work to our business partners

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