Special applications on manure spreaders

Our manure spreaders are available in different configurations designed to respond to special applications.

We offer manure spreaders with hydraulic cylinders for sloping works and trailers for spreading the sewage sludge, equipped with hermetically sealed body and lower liquid collection elements. Agrimec designers are available to listen to every farmer need and to study specific solutions for specific problems.

Manure spreader SMR230H

The SMR230H manure spreader is designed to operate on steep slopes, in hilly vineyards, orchards and hazel groves. The two independent wheels with hydraulic cylinders allow the user to operate anywhere without danger of overturning. The hydraulic steering drawbar allows maneuvers in narrow spaces. The two horizontal beaters avoid the spreading of the material onto the crops.

Manure spreader SPL700-701

The SPL700/701 manure spreader has been designed to work with special materials such as sewage sludge. It is equipped with hermetically sealed stainless steel sides and bottom and specific precautions to avoid the loss of liquids.

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