Special applications on tipper trailers

The range of tipping trailers is customizable to fulfill specific customer needs in both agricultural and industrial sectors.

The aluminum silage sides have optimized design to prevent the material from standing on the edges during the loading phase and from falling during the journey. In addition to the standard models, the range includes versions with demountable bodies to increase the polyvalence and the company productivity. Each model is also available in the “T” version with a round anti-wear/Domex steel body and a larger frame, industrial axles and industrial parabolic leaf springs, which allow heavy-duty applications for loading and transport. Special bodies are also available with fully protected rear door opening mechanisms, steel or aluminum sides, or both material sides.

Tipping trailers with demountable bodies

Demountable bodies and industrial axles up to 60 km/h are also available on some models. The structure has been designed for easy removal of the body to facilitate the multi-purpose use of this trailer. The suspensions are available with industrial parabolic leaf springs with 4 leaves or Ror/ADR type.

Tipping trailers with round body and pneumatic braking

The “T” series with round body and pneumatic braking, have the frame built in S355 EN 10025 and an oversized frame track. The industrial axles homologated up to 60 km/h have oversized bearings and homologated braking system. The body is round shaped and built in anti-wear/Domex steel with aluminum or galvanized steel silage sides. The unloading is ensured by an oversized cemented cylinder placed in the center of the turning table.

Tipping trailers customized

Crosetto company personalizes the trailer bodies of its customers according to their needs. giving them the possibility to have a fully protected opening mechanisms of the read door and steel, aluminum or both materials structure and sides to optimize weight and resistance to solicitations.

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